Hello! I am honored to help you have an empowering birth experience by supporting you in your choices. I am passionate about supporting women with what they feel is right for her and baby.

I first felt excitement about women’s health and birth as a nursing student, then working on a postpartum unit, and even more so once pregnant with my daughter Jane. The Curtis Method birth class prepared us for the kind of birth we hoped for and also to make decisions as birth can be unpredictable.

Jane’s birth did not go as hoped, not at all. But because of educating myself during pregnancy and having a wonderful husband, doula, and relying on my own intuition I was able to make choices that revealed to be the best for us. Having a C-section saved Jane and I, however, I was given an inverted T incision on my uterus (click HERE for full story).

Immediately after birth I was told I could no longer labor and have vaginal births due to the high risk of uterine rupture. I was told the same thing multiple times in postpartum. And I was told again by one of the midwives, looking me red in the face, “You CANNOT have a vaginal birth.”

Our choice is everything, and I felt these people were trying to take mine away! As I research and educate myself about this type of scar, I find that many women actually VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) successfully. I have processed and healed from birth trauma and I am able to take back MY CHOICE and make decisions based from facts instead of fear. I am also happy to say that I have a VBAC supportive provider for future pregnancies.

Helping out in Ghanaian hospitals - #byu



University of Utah Nurse Midwives, January 2019

Eight hour hands-on doula training to become a volunteer at the hospital. Currently volunteering at the UofU, supporting 1-2 births a month.


The Curtis Method, May 2019

Hands-on training, discussion, and practice of doula techiniques.


Registered Nurse, December 2016

Worked as a postpartum nurse for 2.5 years. Helped mothers and newborns get the care they desired including lactation assistance.


The VBAC Link, March 2020

Trained to care and support mothers who desire a VBAC.


February 2020

Two day workshop of discussing how to support mothers when baby is an 'non-optimal' position. Training also included techniques to help mother balance pelvis during pregnancy.

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